Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Suzuki Cop-Out

So Suzuki Canada has posted an explanation as to why model pricing is so much higher in Canada when compared to the same models down in the States. It seems that since certain models sold up in the Great White North "are built and equipped with Canadian consumers in mind", we should just cough-up the extra dough and buy it. I don't think so.

They also list particularities with Canadian models when compared to their American counterparts. As an example, it would seem that we Northerners prefer it naked - which is odd considering the climate - as the SV650 and GS500 are available sans tupperware North of the border, while our neighbours to the South can only get the all-dressed version. What they don't mention is that the naked SV650 actually costs $1,100 more than it's fully-faired American cousin. Same goes for the GS500, which in the nude will cost you $6,499 while the American Gixxer-wannabe GS500F retails for $5,199.

As for the models that are identical, we're still paying a high premium in Canada. A V-Strom 650 with ABS will cost you about 25% more if you purchase it here. That's an extra 1,800 loonies which could just as easily have been spent on accessories.

Now if this were the case across all manufacturers, I'd probably not bitch about it so much. But the truth is, other makes out there have considerably lowered their pricing while the Big-3 Japanese brands seem to be holding strong. So as unlikely as it may seem, it's now cheaper in Canada to buy a BMW R1200RT than a Honda ST1300. It's also cheaper to get a Triumph ST rather than a VFR (and the ST has standard luggage).

Whatever happened to Japanese bikes being the affordable alternative?

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