Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Honda Cop-Out

OK, so Suzuki isn't the only Japanese manufacturer trying to justify it's exhorbitant pricing with weak arguments. I just noticed today that Honda Canada has a similar missive on their website.

It seems the reason why Canadians are being asked to pay a higher price for Honda bikes when compared to our neighbours to the South is because motorcycles purchased in Canada have "Canadian-specific features and dedicated service to provide peace of mind throughout the entire ownership experience". Blah, blah, blah... Cheesh, do these marketing types just plagiarize each other, or what?

They do go on with a list of reasons why Canadians shouldn't cross the border to buy a bike. My favourite is that northern bikes have "Canadian-specific climate-related parts, which may include such items as heated breather hoses to reduce winter ice-up." Well I'm sure glad to hear that! Wonder if you can get that as an after-market part, as I'd really love to have heated breather hoses on my V-Strom for when I just gotta take the bike out in sub-zero temps.

About the only reasons why I'd buy from my local dealer would be: a) to support my dealer and local economy, and b) to get a bike that isn't available South of the border (yes, my American friends, we've got the Varadero).

Can't help but wonder if it wouldn't simply be easier to lower the pricing on their bikes to make it a more level playing field and give their dealers a chance to stay afloat.

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