Friday, March 16, 2007

The Other Itch

This year's new batch 'o bikes are slowly making their way from the magazine pages to the showroom floor; and it's so damn tempting! I've seen the new Ducati 1098 (say 10-9-8) up close and, although I'm not a sport rider, I've got to say that it's simply sexy. Sleek, Italian, and that beautiful shade of red that says: "Pull me over and charge me for speeding". Even just sitting there on the showroom floor, it looks fast - like it's moving while standing still.

I've also checked out BMW's new "entry level" bike, the F800 series. This parallel-twin bike has the new tectonic look that graces most newer Bimmers, with the handlebared ST wearing a full-fairing and the clip-on S with a half-fairing. Like 'em both, but I'd probably lean towards the more touring-oriented ST - comfort is a big thing that I look for in a bike. Unfortunately, at $13K (CDN) it just seems way too expensive for a small(ish) twin. But again, you're paying a premium for that roundel...

One of the local dealers has also started carrying Moto-Guzzi. I think it's just something about the look of those two diagonal cylinders sticking out each side of the bike that makes Guzzi's special. The new Griso 1100, with it's polished frame running down each side of the fueltank, is the kind of look I love: modern, yet still a touch of retro. It just wouldn't be practical enough for me; but as a second bike to tear-up some local roads on weekends, it gets a nod.

Anybody out there have a winning lottery ticket they'd like to get rid of? I've got a serious need to go shopping... or maybe that's just another side-effect of acute cabin fever.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Itch.

It's been over four months and the bouts of cabin fever have been coming and going more frequently. Now to make things worse, it's 6 degrees outside (Celsius - about 43 Fahrenheit), the snow is melting, the roads are nice... and by the time I get Silver ready for the road it'll probably turn cold again! The thermometer's recent excursions into the land above freezing have given my the two-wheeled itch. I don't just want to go riding, I need to.

Tonight when I get home I'll roll out Silver and push the magic red button of bliss! Even if I can only get ten minutes worth of saddle time, it'll be enough to hold me over for a few weeks.

Chizzle my blogizzle (or something like that)!

First off, let me just warn you that this is nothing more than silly fun... oh, and some of you may be offended by the resulting "tranzliation"! Came across a site called Gizoogle while surfing which resulted in hours (really) of fun running all sorts of other websites through it's translation service. Ever wonder what your blog would read like if it was from the 'hood? Check mine out:

I don't know who the people are that came up with this, but I love it! Be sure to check out the latest news on CNN too:

...or how about the latest Hockey scores (hey, I'm Canadian - I can't help it):

Childish? You betcha! But sometimes laughter is the best medicine (and cheaper than therapy).

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Crazy, but fun?

Came across the SnoXcycle website while wasting time on the 'net and what they're offering really piqued my curiousity: a kit to ride your bike in the snow! For some reason the hooligan in me starts drooling when I see stuff like this.

I'm thinking I could get a Suzuki DRZ400, which seems to be the only compatible dual-sport, and ride the streets and trails in spring and summer, while hitting the snowbanks in winter. Talk about the best of both worlds, eh?

Cabin Fever - Part II

OK, a while back I wrote about suggested therapy to beat the winter blahs. I'd now like to add another suggestion to the list: GO SOUTH!

Just got back from a Carribean cruise last week and it was sweet. Lots of sun, exotic island, good food... and plenty of boat drinks! Ah yes, boat drinks. For some reason they only taste good when you have them on a boat; try to mix up some tropical fruit juice with rum at home and serve it up in a pineapple... it just doesn't work.

Spent eleven days on the beautiful Celebrity Constellation that took us to ports of call ranging from the beautiful (Grand Cayman) to the downright messy (Colòn). However, each different port had wonderful locals to meet and new cultures to discover. We also made new friends on the boat, both fellow travellers and crew members.

My only regret: didn't get to rent a motorcycle!