Thursday, July 17, 2008

Like a Phoenix

Reading through my usual list of favourite motorcycle blogs, I came across Doug's take on the recent aquisition of fabled Italian brand MV Agusta by All-American® Harley Davidson group. Blogs and online forums have been busy prophesizing what will happen to MV Agusta now that Willie G. and the boys have taken over. Italian purists fear the worst, of course, however I can't help but think the opposite.

I've got to agree with Doug on this one, HD's experience at resurrecting an historic marque is no laughing matter. What a group of investors have done with that company after AMF had practically dug it's grave is truly remarquable. Maybe they'll be able to work their marketing magic with MV Agusta too. I strongly doubt there'll be much parts swapping between the two brands... Just picture it: Screamin' Eagle pipes and an Evolution Twin on a Brutale. Ugh!

Speaking of resurecting a storied brand, there's alot of buzz surrounding the upcoming launch of the "new" 2009 Indian Chief. Initial pictures are promising. Flared fenders, round cylinders... yup - it's a Chief all right. I really like the upside-down teardrop headlight - nice touch. I just hope they iron out all the bugs before it makes it to the showroom floor this time.

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