Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sunset ride to Beaumont

One of my favourite local rides is due South out of town heading along the Petitcodiac river towards the small agricultural villages of Pré-d'en-Haut and Beaumont. The muddy banks of the river, ondulating fields of corn, apple orchards and the lovely small villages are the stuff post cards are made of. Add the setting sun over the river and some low-lying clouds for diffused light and it's practically perfect.

Here, Burgie takes a break while I shoot a few frames.

Sun setting over the river and the fields.

The small church at Beaumont. There's also a small Indian cemetery and monument to the Mikma'q people who used to call this beautiful place home. In the summer, local singer-songwriters offer concerts in the church - talk about an intimate setting. The acoustics are pretty good too!

Since Heritage Canada did a PSA in the early nineties regarding the history and importance of Inukshuk for the Inuit, they've started popping up just about everywhere! Guess they've moved further South from the Arctic.

One last shot of Burgie against a beautiful backdrop.

Beautiful ride, although I did end up unwillingly donating about half-a-pint of blood to the local mosquito population! I really gotta remember to bring some deet next time.

"Sundown ya better take care, if I find you been creepin' 'round my back stairs" - Gordon Lightfoot


SonjaM said...

Can't wait to hear from epic road-trips with your new Burgie. I think it is worthy touring material.

I previously had the Silverwing (originally meant for hubby but as a beginner rider he was a bit intimidated by the size, hence the Vespa) and loved it too.

Lately the husband is circling around the Burgman every time we visit a motorcycle dealership. Who knows, he might be upgrading one day.

Lucky said...

Sonja - Don't know if they'll be epic just yet! For now, we'll probably be sticking to short weekend jaunts. Still need a few farkles before we can start doing 3 or 4 day trips (topcase, most notably).

You can tell your hubby that the Burgie is surprisingly heavy! Heavier, in fact, than my previous bike (V-Strom 650). But, it carries the weight very low, and as soon as you get moving the weight seems to disappear. Still, I'm sure it would be a real pain to pick one up (fingers crossed, as I never dropped my V-Strom in 5 years and thousands of kms).

Some have stated that the Burgie is hard to handle at slow speed maneuvers. I say bunk. Did some figure-8s, slalom and U-turns in the arena parking lot last weekend and it was a non-event.


p.s. If ever you're in New Brunswick on one of your epic road-trips be sure to look us up!