Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Too Deaf to Hear the Complaints?

It seems the good citizens of Edmonton are now pressuring their elected leaders to do something about the excessive noise generated by some motorcycles. I wouldn't be surprised one bit if they end up getting what they want: an outright ban of motorcycles in parts of the city. Think it sounds a bit too draconian? Consider this: Qu├ębec city has a by-law prohibiting motorcycles from entering within the "Old City". Not just straight pipes and sport exhausts - ALL BIKES!

I guess eventually I'll be forced to agree with the "Straight Pipes Save Lives" crowd; because there simply won't be any places left to ride, so there won't be any bike accidents left to speak of!

Oh, and one final message to the fat bastard who rides by my street at midnight on his way home from the bar and does the obligatory blip of the throttle at the stop sign: SCREW YOU!


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