Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hybrid Prototypes

Yesterday I was reading an article in the paper about all the new hybrid cars and SUV's that manufacturers are coming out with and it got me thinking (never a good thing, I know). Why hasn't this technology crossed over to motorcycles yet? Well, it seems some manufacturers are consitering it, in the conceptual sense.

Yamaha unveiled a few concept bikes last year that are interesting. Problem is, they're just concepts... Not to mention that they're not exactly the most appealing bikes to look at! The GEN-Ryu is an interesting idea for a sport touring rig, but the looks sort've remind me of a sixties cartoon vision of the future. But then again, remember how people reacted when Ford came out with the Taurus? I've got to give Yamaha kudos for thinking-up these bikes though; and you've got to admit that if any company were to actually bring this kind of stuff to market, it would be Yami (hint: remember the GTS-1000 with that cool single-sided fork?). Just one thing though, if they do put these into production, I'm hoping the marketing people will put a better name on them. I mean really, would you want to be riding around on a scooter called the FC-Me?!?

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