Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Feeling Mouldy

August has been looking a whole lot more like October over the past week. Constant dark clouds and drizzle coupled with lower than normal temps has got me feeling the autumn blues a bit early this year. According to Mr. Weatherman, we can expect pretty much more of the same for the next week or so.

Maybe the BMW C1 wasn't such a bad idea after all. It keeps most of the rain off of you... Nah, forget that! I'm simply losing it. Guess I'll just slip into my Frogg Toggs and find a new road to explore.


irondad said...

I thought about you this weekend. I was teaching a class and one of the students was telling me about his friend. Seems the friend lives up in Canada but came to Oregon to buy a bike. Even with paying the tax to get it back to Canada, he still saved a couple thousand dollars.

Reminded me of a couple of posts you did a while back.

Just wanted to drop in and offer greetings. I don't comment often but I read the blog regularly to see what's up with you!

Lucky said...

irondad - It's amazing the number of Canadian motorcyclists that cross the border to buy a bike. One of the girls at work recently drove to New Hampshire to pick up a new ST1300, and her boyfriend got a GoldWing. Between the both of them, they claim to have saved over $7,000.

With those kind of prices, I can't blame them for making the trip. What I don't understand, is how local dealers manage to stay afloat.

By the way, thanks for stopping by. Your blog is always on my Google Reader list!


Doug K. said...

Hey, you've gone long enough without a blog entry. Get busy and write something!