Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Plains, trains, automobiles... and boats!

Aye, it's been awhile but now I'm slowly getting back to normal® - whatever that may be. In the past month my body has been transported by plane, bus, automobile, cable car, tram, train and boat. Oh yeah, and by motorcycle too!

After two weeks on a wonderful Alaskan cruise where I was a willing participant in the excesses of dining and libations, I'm trying to get used to living at home again with no five-course meals, martinis, and crew members to take care of your every whim. If there is any truth to the old saying that the bigger they are, the harder they fall, then I must be falling pretty hard given the extra weight I've taken on. Oh well, it was all worth it.

Contrary to what I had expected, going back to work after five weeks vacation wasn't the chore that I thought it would be. I didn't exactly miss the job, mind you... but I didn't really mind being back. I'll tell you what I really didn't miss - the election campaign! How great is it to be away during the major part of the campaining (i.e. bullshitting) and only get back in time to vote? Priceless! Of course, the majority of passengers on the cruise were American, so I did have to listen to alot of Palin vs. Obama rhetoric. Maybe because it was an Alaskan cruise, but I didn't hear John McCain's name mentioned once... it was just Palin, Palin, Palin. Not sure how good that reflects on a presidential nominee when his running mate gets all the attention.

Came home to nice autumn weather - which was good, although bittersweet. I love riding in autumn: the colours, less traffic, good weather. What I don't like is that those falling leaves signal something much more ominous: winter. But for now I'd rather not think about it, I just want to ride.


bdbetty said...

I too have been on a cruise - the HOGS on the High Seas Biker Cruise - and you are right about the meals and service!

I have your blog linked to mine and invite you to come and see what we do on Belt Drive Betty - perhaps you'll consider a link to us?

Ride on Lucky - hope you decide on the elusive "next bike" Belt Drive Betty

Lucky said...

Hi Betty,

Thanks for stopping by! And regarding the link: consider it done.


bdbetty said...

Thanks, feel free to let me know if you have anything you'd like to see published in our newspaper for motorcyclists - the Busted Knuckle....I'd be honored.