Friday, August 01, 2008


It started almost a year ago. My wife comes into the veranda with an open laptop in her hands - typical sign that she wants me to see something. "I want to show you something", she says as she's turning the laptop's screen towards me. Celebrity Cruises' 14 Night Ultimate Alaska Cruise on board the Infinity. I look at the screen and pause a few seconds, considering my reply to what I'm guessing is meant to be a proposal.

"Uhm... How much?", I ask as visions of smouldering credit cards dance in my head. "I can get a really good deal on a balcony room, less than what we paid for that last cruise in the Carribbean". OK, I'll admit that at this point she's got me curious, as the Southern cruise hadn't cost us that much. She spills the beans, and I agreed. Being an amateur photographer, Alaska is a choice destination - so how could I refuse?

Like I first said, that was almost a year ago, and now it's almost here... Finally!

We'll be leaving in mid-September for two weeks aboard a big boat and, according to what we've read, we'll be in the much younger minority as Alaska doesn't seem to be at the top of the list for younger couples looking to party. That's fine, maybe the line-ups for drinks won't be as long.

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