Monday, January 09, 2006

Cape Breton TT

If you're an avid motorcycle road racing fan, then you've either been to the Isle of Man TT races or you've dreamt of going. It's a pilgrimage for many fans, with some saving-up their money every year in order to attend the historic event. At first, the Isle may seem an unlikely candidate to host motorcycle races, as its only 53 by 21 kilometers in size. Nevertheless, it has been hosting the TT races annually since 1904. In the beginning, these were automobile races - it wasn't until 1907 that motorcycles were allowed on the course which winds through the island's countryside and small towns.

Well, for North American fans who can't make it to the small British island to attend the racing Mecca, some enterprising racing enthusiasts in Nova Scotia may have something of interest. Cape Breton will be holding it's first annual Festival of Speed in September 2006, and it will model itself off the famed Manx races. They've even got the Isle of Man TT's blessing as an associated event.

Anyhow, for those of you interested in going, you can check their website:

"I know what it means to do an overtaking in the last turn: it is pure adrenalin!" - Graziano Rossi (Valentino's father)

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