Monday, February 09, 2009

New, Sexy European Import

Although they don't sell in as high numbers as the Japanese, European bikes are gaining popularity here in the Great White North. BMW and Ducati are mostly responsible for this trend, as the local dealer has told me that he can't get enough R1200GS's to keep up with the demand, same goes for Ducati's 1098/848. Although still quite pricey when compared to their Nippon counterparts, the manufacturers across the Atlantic have dropped their prices quite a bit over the past few years.

Maybe that's why other European manufacturers have decided to test the icy waters. Sure, we've already got Moto Guzzi and Triumph - though again, in smaller numbers. Nope, here we've got a new-to-Canada Motorcycle Brand that has long been popular in Europe. Amongst the models they'll be offering, there's the only supercharged production bike on the market... Give up? Think Peugeot.

Doesn't ring a bell? Well, if you've never been to Europe that's completely understandable. The French carmaker hasn't had much luck on North-American soil. They're hoping to change that by exporting not cars, but scooters.

Oh yeah, the supercharger thing? Completely true. They're offering the Satelis BlackSat scooter, a 125cc scooter with a supercharger that pumps out something like 20hp. Not much compared to a Hayabusa, I'll admit, but more than enough for the urban commuter with occasional weekend jaunts.  Typically, 125cc scoots are in the 10 - 12hp range.

I was surprised that Peugeot will be offering quite a few models; everything from the VS2 Retro - a 50cc moped, to the Satelis 500 Executive which is in the same class as the Burgman and Silverwing.


irondad said...

A supercharged scooter? Interesting. I hope it works better than the Honda CX500 I had in the early 80's. Of course, that was technically a turbo. With the lag, the power would come on when you no longer wanted it.

Like the new look of the site. It's very crisp and clean.

Lucky said...

I've heard many stories about various motorcycle manufacturers' attempts at turbo-boosted engines. None of them good! Seems other than the spool-up lag, there were also reliability issues.

Although the Peugeot is new to us, it has been on the market in Europe for 2 years now without any major issues. Also, since it's a supercharger, there should be none of the dreaded lag.