Monday, February 16, 2009

Moncton Bike Show

I've been dealing with the winter blahs for the past few weeks, so to lift my frozen, soggy spirits, I thought I'd check out the Bike Show over the weekend. Firstly, I've got to congratulate the organizers for doing such a great job. Just about every major MC manufacturer and aftermarket distributor was there. Secondly, where did all these people come from!

It took me almost 20 minutes just to find a parking spot! Considering that this is only the second year that they've had this bike show, I'd have to say that it's been an amazing success. Also judging from the licence plates on the cars in the parking lot, plenty of bikers (and wannabes) from Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and even Qu├ębec braved the slush covered roads to attend. Great turnout.

There weren't that many "new" models to see this year. Sure, BMW had the K1300 series, but I'd consider these an update of the K1200's rather than a new model. Same goes for most of the other manufacturers. Some new comers were to be seen though, like Honda's DN-01. I was actually surprised by how small it is when compared to some of the marketing pictures. Also, the seat is way too low for me! Can't imagine spending any amount of time in the but-on-the-ground legs-up-front position... but if you're used to riding a cruiser, it just might be something you'd find familiar.

Yamaha had the new V-Max, albeit on a raised turntable with a chain around it so you couldn't get too close. Kinda stupid, really, as it was the only production bike at the show that you weren't allowed to throw a leg over. Anyhow, again it wasn't my cup 'o tea.

Suzuki had their new SFV650 "Gladius" standard bike. Nice from afar, but up close you notice that the red metallic paint is actually more of a fushia/purple. Might make sense, as one of the Suzuki reps told me it was targeted more towards female riders. Not a bad idea, as the low seat height (30.9 inches) would make it inviting for newbies and those of challenged inseam. I'm just not so sure about the MSRP of $9,199 CAD. I mean, for an extra $800 you can pick up the original naked bike (i.e. Ducati Monster 696), and trust me - there is no comparison in the fit and finish of these two bikes. The Monster is beautiful from every angle - near or far. The Gladius? Well, when you get up close it's easy to spot the cheap plastic panels, exhaust cover, etc...


irondad said...

So did the show lift your spirits? Or did it depress you more by intensifying the urge to go ride and you can't for a bit?

Lucky said...

I think in the end it somewhat lifted my spirits. I think it has to do with being around a bunch of other motorcyclists who are just as impatient with Mother Nature as I am!

Still cold out, by the way. -24 degrees Celsius out this morning without the windchill (that's about -11 Fahrenheit). Nippy.

Still farkling and modding to remind myself that one day spring will be here.


Giest said...

It boosted my spirits right up until the time I stepped out the front door into the waiting arms of winter. It was a good escape while it lasted.

Fantastic show though.