Tuesday, January 22, 2008

2008 Motorcycle Bloggers International Riders' Choice Awards

The fine and outstanding guys and gals over at Motorcycle Bloggers International (of which I am - ahem - a new member) are collecting nominations from bikers for the best (and not so great) of 2008. So come on, tell us what you think! What was the best new concept bike, or how about the most disappointing new motorcycle. There's also some interesting categories like "Wish We'd Thought Of That" and "What Were They Thinking?". Forget what the mainstream motorcycle magazines are telling you - make your own choice and vote at the MBI website.

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Vstar Fan said...

I'm impressed that you ride during the canadian winter! That's pretty hardcore.. Anyhow, I just started a general blog, mainly started it to talk about motorcycling. I have an 08' vstar silverado that I love.. Stop by sometime..