Friday, March 16, 2007

The Other Itch

This year's new batch 'o bikes are slowly making their way from the magazine pages to the showroom floor; and it's so damn tempting! I've seen the new Ducati 1098 (say 10-9-8) up close and, although I'm not a sport rider, I've got to say that it's simply sexy. Sleek, Italian, and that beautiful shade of red that says: "Pull me over and charge me for speeding". Even just sitting there on the showroom floor, it looks fast - like it's moving while standing still.

I've also checked out BMW's new "entry level" bike, the F800 series. This parallel-twin bike has the new tectonic look that graces most newer Bimmers, with the handlebared ST wearing a full-fairing and the clip-on S with a half-fairing. Like 'em both, but I'd probably lean towards the more touring-oriented ST - comfort is a big thing that I look for in a bike. Unfortunately, at $13K (CDN) it just seems way too expensive for a small(ish) twin. But again, you're paying a premium for that roundel...

One of the local dealers has also started carrying Moto-Guzzi. I think it's just something about the look of those two diagonal cylinders sticking out each side of the bike that makes Guzzi's special. The new Griso 1100, with it's polished frame running down each side of the fueltank, is the kind of look I love: modern, yet still a touch of retro. It just wouldn't be practical enough for me; but as a second bike to tear-up some local roads on weekends, it gets a nod.

Anybody out there have a winning lottery ticket they'd like to get rid of? I've got a serious need to go shopping... or maybe that's just another side-effect of acute cabin fever.


Giest said...

I have to say, I'm not really big on sport bikes, but that 1098 really gets my blood pumping.

Oh, and spill the beans. Where is the dealer that is carrying Moto-Guzzi. I can't express how much I love their bikes.

Lucky said...

Atlantic Motoplex doesn't carry Guzzi... yet! But they are already a Piaggio shop (Guzzi's parent company) with the Vespa brand; and one of the sales guys there said they hope to have the Guzzi line in store before the next season. Patience grasshopper... By the way, I'm a Guzzi fan too - always have been. I simply drool over the Griso; and the sport-touring Norge is also on my list of wanna-have bikes!


Giest said...

Guzzi's 940 Custom put me over the top. I completely fell in love with that bike, but I don't see any chances of getting it in Canada. Oh well, one can dream. It's been quite some time since I've been to the Motoplex. I'll have to give the place another visit

gary said...

The Ducati Sport 1000 does it for me. As you say, though, not exactly practical for the kind of riding I do these days.

That new/old Triumph Scrambler would do the trick nicely, but since the suspension travel is the same as the Bonnie Black, I might go with the latter.

Too many options, and not enough money. There seems to be a lot of that going around...

Ride well,

Lucky said...

Gary - I'll admit that the Duc Sport 1000 is nice; a good mix of classic styling with modern mechanics! It ain't me, though. Too much forward lean with all the weight on the wrists.