Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Itch.

It's been over four months and the bouts of cabin fever have been coming and going more frequently. Now to make things worse, it's 6 degrees outside (Celsius - about 43 Fahrenheit), the snow is melting, the roads are nice... and by the time I get Silver ready for the road it'll probably turn cold again! The thermometer's recent excursions into the land above freezing have given my the two-wheeled itch. I don't just want to go riding, I need to.

Tonight when I get home I'll roll out Silver and push the magic red button of bliss! Even if I can only get ten minutes worth of saddle time, it'll be enough to hold me over for a few weeks.


Giest said...

So? Did ya? Huh? Did ya?

Biker Betty said...

I hope you got more than 10 minutes of ride time. The weather here is like a yoyo. Up one day, down the next. Two days ago it was almost 80 degree F. and today you could almost see your breath..brrrr...

I hope spring comes fast,
Biker Betty :)

Lucky said...

giest - no, I didn't... (sigh) Had to go out of town for meetings and just got back today, with all the ice melt from the past few days all the roads have now gone to ice due to the recent plummet into the land of sub-zero. I'll just keep waiting.

betty - I love how you wrote that last sentence ("almost" see your breath). I've gotten so used to seeing those vapors that it's more of a surprise when we don't see it! I'm with you, c'mon spring.