Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Posterior Motive

I've finally decided to upgrade the rear-end on my bike... Actually, I should phrase that differently. I've finally decided to upgrade my bike with regards to my rear-end. You see, my gluteous maximus was feeling a little minimus of late, and I think my two-wheeled stallion's buttpad was partially to blame. The saddle on my bike just didn't seem to have the same support it had when I first bought it. It would seem this is a common problem among touring motorcyclists given the number of aftermarket solutions available.

I finally decided to go with a Corbin seat, since most of the other custom seats required either A) I go onsite to have it custom fitted to my specific buttprint, or B) that I send in my OEM seat for them to strip-down and rebuild. With Corbin, all I had to do was chose seat materials and colours... oh, and sign on the dotted line! Although I'm sure that the Corbin won't be as comfortable as a custom fitted seat, I'd be willing to bet that my worn-down OEM seat will pale in comparison.

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