Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Blog With Two Cylinders

Ducati, long known for their Italian sportbikes regarded as a two-wheeled equivalent to the Ferrari, are moving into Cyberspace. Federico Minoli, Ducati Motor Holding President & CEO, is launching the Desmoblog, the official corporate blog for the Italian company. So far the posts have been an interesting mix of personal, corporate and mechanical-related subjects.

I've got to admit that Ducati seems to be on the right track. Just a short while ago they had serious financial problems and were on the brink of fading away, but they now seem to be climbing back up that hill. It would also seem that they've read a few chapters in the Harley Davidson book of marketing methodology. They're now trying to build brand loyalty by referring to Ducati enthusiasts as Ducatisti; a nice way of snobbing other brands. Some of their new concept models are also very intriguing and an interesting departure from the typical Ducati mold.

The blog is available in both Italian and English.

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