Friday, December 31, 2004

Bikers on the Information Highway...

An odd thing I've noticed since I started riding motorcycles - some of the best biking buddies aren't the ones you see on the road; they're on the net!

I've met and communicated with people over the Internet that share the same passion for motorcycling that I do. Being in a rather "niche" crowd - I don't ride cruisers or crotch-rockets - the Internet has proven to be a great tool for meeting motorcyclists that have similar interests and riding styles. The riders I've met in forums and newsgroups are from as close as my own hometown, or as far as Singapore! Needless to say that I probably never would have met most of these people otherwise. Doesn't that speak volumes about the ability of the Internet to draw people together?

It's a shame that we often focus on the "negatives" when talking about the Internet: fraud, dot-com busts, SPAM, viruses, tasteless content... Truth is, there's alot of really good stuff out there too!

I'm a member of countless forums that are moderated by like-minded individuals that simply do a great job at it. Among them, I'd like to mention which is targeted to owners of the Suzuki V-Strom line of adventure-touring bikes, and also Sport-Touring Net for those who simply like to travel in a, ahem, "quick and efficient" way.

Moral of this post: if you ever feel alone, check out the 'Net... Chances are, you're not!

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