Wednesday, December 29, 2004


OK. I don't want to preach or whine, but I got to get this one off my chest. If you're gonna ride a motorbike - please wear the appropriate gear. I've had it up to here (picture my index finger hovering about 6 inches over my head) with these biker dudes who ride around wearing a beanie helmet and t-shirt. And I'm not just talking about cruisers; you crotch-rocket riders out there in shorts and t-shirts (or even shirtless) aren't cutting it either. Funny thing about crotch-rocket riders is that they usually ride around with a $500 Shoei racing helmet, but somehow forget to protect the rest of their body! Then again, the helmet is probably worn as a fashion accessory rather than protective gear.

I mean really - isn't your life worth the price of a freakin' riding jacket? Talk to someone who's gotten road rashed once and they'll tell you how much fun it is. And about the beanie helmets - my riding instructor once called them brain bowls and I find the term quite fitting. I wear a full-face helmet all the time because most motorcycle head injuries happen at the jaw. Ain't no beanie gonna help you there! Not to mention that I've got enough sense in my brain to want to protect it. By my current calculations, I'm still gonna be paying my student loans for another 12 years - that's alot of money to invest in your cranium! Oh well, it's as they say: "If you think you're smart enough not to need a helmet, you're probably right!"

Oh and here's one last item you should think about - gloves! Now please people, show enough sense to buy some riding gloves that offer protection; not the cheap-leather-open-finger ones. Think about it, if you fall from the bike, even at very low speeds, the first thing to touch the ground will probably be your hands.

I bring this up because I find it unfair that the majority of motorcycle enthusiasts are safe drivers who respect the sport; yet they always get a bad rep because of stupid bikers.

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