Thursday, September 08, 2011

Of Flower Pots & Weak Shocks

What a wonderful labour day weekend that was!  There's just something about that third day tacked onto the end of the weekend that brings me back to my childhood schooldays.  Although as kids we rarely did anything that interesting on typical weekends; for some reason the idea of a three-day weekend would spark our grade-school imagination and we'd start planning all sorts of things to do.

As a motorcyclist with a full-time job (and then some); I still cherish the idea of an extra day of fun.  This year even moreso as in my neck of the woods rainfall records have been broken for June, July and August.  Yup - it's been wet.  So imagine how excited I was when the forecast called for nice weather all weekend.

Time for a ride.

The missus and I decided to ride the Burgman down to Hopewell Cape on the Bay of Fundy to see the famous flower pots (note: since buying the Burgman, SWMBO has decided that the Old Seca is strictly for solo riding).  The provincial park at Hopewell has gone through some major renovations over the past few years.  Really nice!

Here are a few pics...

A few comments about the Burgman: Nice seat, excellent fairing/windshield, great power... but I've got to do something about those rear shocks.  With just four inches of travel and weak springs, when riding two-up they're easily bottomed-out by potholes or speedbumps.  And given the current state of most of our roads, that means they hit bottom quite often.

Some of the forum dwellers over on have had great success with Progressive Suspension's 416 Series air shocks.  Guess that'll be yet another hibernation project for the winter months.

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