Wednesday, June 03, 2009


I sold the V-Strom. I decided that it was just too darn tall and top heavy for me to comfortably handle given my current health issues, so I listed the bike on Kijiji and a few days later I got a bite. He came to pick it up last night.

Although there was some melancholy when loading the bike onto his trailer, it was all good. Oh, and by the way, I made sure that he paid me first, as I've always sworn that never any bike that I own would see the bed of a trailer or truck as long as it was running... but since he'd already forked over the cash, it was no longer my bike.

So I'm wondering what to buy now? One thing's for sure, I'll be staying away from taller bikes like sport-tourers or dual-sports until I can get these back problems sorted out. I'm thinking of getting something a little more classic, like an early eighties UJM. The seat height would definitely be lower than the 33.5" Corbin on the V-Strom. I've always liked the older CB750's, or maybe a nice KZ1000. Actually, I've seen an ad in the paper for an '82 Yamaha XJ650 Seca with less than 30,000kms. Maybe I'll check that out tonight.


irondad said...

I like the way you think. Once the money changes hands, it's not really your bike anymore. It's great but sad, too, isn't it? It hurt a bit to see Sophie go off on a stranger's trailer.

Good luck on finding the right bike. Sometimes the search is the greatest part of the fun.

Lucky said...

Not so much looking for the "right" bike, I'm just happy to find a bike that "right now". Until I can get these back issues sorted out, I'll be happy with something lower and lighter... but still fun!