Monday, November 10, 2008

But, will it fly?

So Honda has actually decided to bring the avant-guard DN-01 to the North-American masses, eh? Good for them, at least we can't accuse Honda of being unoriginal. I'm just curious to find out if a v-twin, full fairing, automatic transmission, ├╝ber-scooter is actually going to find any buyers here. I hope so, but if we look at other concepts-turned-production models from the past, Honda hasn't always been very successful (remember the "Rune").

Of course, Suzuki's big-Burgman has been selling quite well for the past few years... So maybe an easy to ride, non-intimidating bike with a little power to spare is just what the market wants. But then again, at over $14K USD - it ain't exactly scooter cheap either.

Time will tell.


irondad said...

How can we forget the Rune? On the other hand, check out that new Victory touring bike. What do they call it, the Vision? I've seen a few on the road. So who knows what will happen with the DN-01?

Motorcycle buyers are a fickle lot. What they say they want and what they buy do often differ. Look at the standards. Nobody would buy one. Now they call the things "naked sportbikes" and they sell well. Go figure.

Lucky said...


You're right about the Vision. I've seen more than a few around this past summer and according to the local dealer, he can't get them quick enough. Heck, he's even got an order in for the 10th anniversary edition: $33K!

I guess its a sign that not all motorcyclists are "purists" after all, regardless of what some MC manufacturers may have you believe.

If we consider that the Vision is doing well, as are the maxi scooters like the Burgman, Silverwing and Majesty, I'm thinking Honda may just be onto something with the DN-01.

Only problem I can see from a marketing standpoint is the name. Couldn't they have thrown a real name at it instead of some cryptic alphanumeric code?