Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gratuitous Self-Promotional Plug!

OK, it seems the powers-that-be over at Motorcycle Bloggers International (of which I am an ill-esteemed member) are threatening to throw me in a dark room full of two-stroke exhaust fumes if I don't convince you - the reader - to head on over to their website and vote in the 2008 Riders' Choice Awards... So here it goes:

Are you sick and tired of overpaid Californian magazine editors telling you what's to be the best and worst in motorcycling for the coming year? How many times have you read Motorcyclist's annual BOTY award and thought to yourself that drugs must be easy to come by where they are if they chose that [INSERT BIKE NAME HERE] as the best new bike? Well, here's your chance to prove them all wrong (or right)! Head on over to the 2008 Riders' Choice Awards and let everybody know what you think is the best and worst out there in MC-land. Categories range from the bread-n-butter "Best New Motorcycle" and "Best New Scooter" to some more off-the-wall categories like "Object of Lust" and "What Were They Thinking?".

Please, tell all your friends to check it out too... I don't know how long I'm able to hold my breath in all these exhaust fumes!

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