Friday, December 14, 2007

Paul Mondor 2.0

Call him crazy or adventurous, either way I've got to admit that I like this guy! Anybody who has the guts to take-on the Trans-Labrador Highway in the middle of winter on a Beemer F650GS (or any other motorcycle for that matter) is tops in my book.

Best of luck to ya, Paul. If you're ever passing through Moncton, New Brunswick; I've got a few beers with your name on them!


Giest said...

I will have to err on the side of crazy in this instance. I've been on the TLH on more then one occasion and even at it's best, it's bad. I haven't traveled on it during the winter, but members of my family ain't pretty. I wish him all the luck in the world, but I really think he should consider an alternative route.

Lucky said...

It seems he's installed a sidecar to help keep him upright... Maybe he should have opted for a Ural 2WD instead of the F650GS.

Anyhow - I wish him the best!