Friday, June 29, 2007

The Big Move

The big Day is finally here. And although we're both extremely excited about moving into our new abode, I've got a feeling it's going to be a long day. We're tired. Not only because of the numerous trips to hardware stores, lawyers, realtors, contractors and city planning commission (UGH!); but the lightning storms we've had for the last three consecutive nights have left us sleep deprived. Oh, it has nothing to do with a deep astrapophobia for either one of us... but our 80 lb Bernese Mountain Dog turns into a blubbering heap of fur at the first thunder clap. She climbs into our bed, crawls up and lies - sideways - between our pillows. She then pants (hyperventilating?) all night long... and drools down my neck. I awoke to a drool-soaked pillow a few times this week!

So here we are, with boxes all over the place and bags under our eyes. The contractor for the garage we're having built should start work within the next two weeks - which is exciting news for me (and Silver). For now, I'm just pushing to get through the big move!

1 comment:

Giest said...

Drool soaked pillow = ew.

Haven't seen too many dogs, regardless of size, handle thunderstorms too well. Especially the mean ones we've been having.

Hope the move goes great, Lucky!