Tuesday, May 01, 2007

On The Road Again...

OK, so I haven't posted much here in the past few weeks - but I've got a good excuse... really! I'VE BEEN OUT RIDING!!! It seems that spring is finally here, boys and girls. Mama Nature got the memo I sent her regarding the less-than-seasonal temps that we'd been getting, and she decided to take action. Last weekend had record temps in the mid-20's, which was a very welcomed change.

However, this weekend the weather was overcast with occasional showers and - ack - snow! Yup, you heard it right, we got some of the white stuff over the weekend. But to keep things real, it wasn't more than half-an-inch and pretty much melted away as soon as it hit the pavement. In other words, not enough to cancel a ride.

Tried out a few backroads I'd never seen before and got a little lost for a while... but isn't that half the fun?

Keep rolling with respect,


gary said...

Welcome back, Lucky. We missed you.

Ride well,

Lucky said...

Thanks Gary. It's good to be back. I'm still amazed how a half-hour of motorcycling can just make everything seem better. Crazy, eh?