Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Get Me Out Of Here!

Sitting in my office, it's near quitting time and I'm looking out the dirty window at the street below. It's right then that I see something that really stirs my soul... five motorcycles ride past in the street below (two Yami Stars, an ST1300, an Z1000 and a ZX-12). That settles it: I need to ride.

Some of my coworkers think I'm a bit strange due to what they consider to be an "unhealthy" obsession with motorcycling. I figure it's probably one of the healthiest things I could do. From a purely emotional and psychological standpoint, when I ride I effectively filter out all the rest of the crap that a typical workday in bureaucracyland can throw my way and leave lingering in my brain. Kick-up the kickstand, press the starter button, drop it in gear and let go of the clutch... Poof! All the day's worries are flushed away until tomorrow.

If anything, it's a hell of a lot cheaper than an half-hour at the therapists'


Giest said...

I was out all day today. Nearly froze my butt off, but it was so worth it.

Giest said...

Oh...and there's nothing "unhealthy" about it. There's no form of transportation that I know of that allows you to outrun all your worries for a while with the bonus of allowing your to straighten out your thoughts.

Ride safe

James - said...

"If anything, it's a hell of a lot cheaper than an half-hour at the therapists'"

I am not so sure, after all the gadgets, mounts for the gadgets, aftermarket parts, gear, and tires, I'd say we have about broke even.

Lucky said...

giest - Glad to hear that you were out there, stretching Selene's legs! I imagine there are other activities that could give me that "release" that I get from motorcycling, I've yet to try hang-gliding or sky-diving... but for me, two wheels is the best escape I can get without leaving the ground.

james - Sure, the farkles and doodads cost a pretty penny; but at the end of the day they're still there to admire and use; as where the therapist's 30-minute session is, well, gone! Besides, I never have to make an appointment to get a few hours or riding time. Silver's always in!


Gary said...

Lucky, I sympathize totally. It snowed here, day before yesterday. But yesterday that all melted. This morning, it was 0°C outside, and I just HAD to ride Frogwing to work.

He's out there now, waiting for me. I've got nine hours of Existential Gravity to slog through before we can Ramble. But just knowing that I get to ride after work gives me peace of mind.

Ride well,