Thursday, November 23, 2006

Getting C-C-C-Cold!

After a few weeks of Indian summer with temps in the high teens it's back to reality with the mercury hoverying just above the freezing mark. The temp was only 2° Celsius this morning . Gawd do I hate winter! Guess I'll have to switch to four wheels soon and put the Strom away for winter.

Yeah, I'll admit to being a wimp when it comes to riding in winter. I mean, on some days it's hard to get to work in the car - so I can't imagine how challenging it would be on the bike. Of course, we can't all be die-hard motorcyclists like Gary!

To all my two-wheeled friends in colder climes, I tip my hat and raise my glass to you! Here's a toast: "May winter be short and the frost heaves be mild, and when the sun shines again may your spirit be wild!"


Giest said...

wonderful toast! i join you in it. i'm still riding as well and i got to say, the mornings are more then a little chilly. it was -3C yesterday. i was almost glad to get into work...hehe.

gary said...

Sorry mate, I guess I missed this one when you posted it. I was a bit woozy from my highside...

Thanks for the toast. I'll try to continue to be worthy of it this year. Though I'm not going to take the same crazy risks I did last Winter.

Ride well,

Biker Betty said...

Thanks and *clink* back to you too.