Tuesday, September 05, 2006

To Roll, Or Not To Roll...

So I didn't sleep very well last night due to a mild case of the sniffles. Woke up this morning feeling pretty much shitty, so I called in sick at work and decided to take it slow. Checked out a few blogs, dropped a comment here and there, and just generally didn't do anything constructive. So here's my dilemma: the sun just came out, I'm feeling much better, and the road beckons... So what should I do?

Although the temptation is great, I'd feel really bad about going out on the bike when (in all honesty) I could've gone to work this afternoon. The office has already called me this morning 'cause they needed my input on a draft procedures document - so what do I do if they try to reach me this afternoon and I'm out carving the curves?

Ah hell, having a guilty conscience is a real bitch. Think I'll just go out in the garage and work on the bike instead; at least that'll give me a bit of "quality time" for now.


Giest said...

personally...i'd go for the ride. not too many riding days left, you know. ;)

Lucky said...

Good advice! I did sneak out for a quickie - does a world of good for what ails ya!