Thursday, April 20, 2006

Misplaced Patriotism

I got a bit of flack after posting my opinion of Fischer Motors and their new “American Sportbike©” a few weeks ago. It seems I inadvertently ruffled some feathers and stirred-up a few American Patriots in the process... Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa. For those of you who sent-in those lovely emails in which you bestowed upon me the title of Bastard, or even Iddiut (sic.), I can only offer you a heartfelt Bronx Cheer! You guys should go to the library and try to develop your reading comprehension.

Nothing in my previous post was meant to be anti-American, nor did I imply that the new Fischer MRX was a bad bike. For what it’s worth, I think the MRX looks real nice and the specs seem to indicate that it’ll be a fast machine. What I was criticizing was Fischer Motors for using what I consider to be cheap marketing technique. Rather than use the bike itself as a the focus for their marketing campaign, they turn around and use a lame statement like “One more reason to be proud you’re American!”. Oh please, spare me! How can you call this an American Motorcycle when the most important bits (namely the engine and tranny) are Made in KoreaTM?

Some of you are even suffering from severe cases of defeatism. One such bloke asked me “how can you expect us to compete with Japan when they’ve got a bigger marketshare?” Duh – don't mean to surprise you, Sparky, but you are the marketshare! I just wish John Britten was still around; just look at what he accomplished with the V1000 – and imagine what he could’ve done with a few more years’ time.

For what it’s worth, the new Buell XBRR just might be what many have been looking for; but only time will tell. Recent problems at Daytona seem to have delayed the delivery of the V-Twin rocket.


Chuck said...

Sure the V1000 was a great bike but I have'nt met a Buell that could take me on my CBR1000.

Lucky said...

Well, Buell is trying to fix that with their XBRR; and although they've run into some problems, things are starting to look up (a little). Of course, the XBRR is a limited production, high-priced bike - so in that case the CBR still has a considerable edge. In other words, buy a stock CBR and add power accessories to the tune of about $15,000 and I'm quite sure you'll give the XBRR a good run for its money.

wind-up-man said...

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