Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Everyday Horror Story

Read the following entry on CanyonChasers and it scared me.

Is 25 Years Without Training Acceptable? - Canyonchasers News

It really got me thinking (as always - a dangerous thing) about how many bad drivers share the road with us everyday. The story that Dave relates is, if anything, all too common. How many times in the last few weeks or so have you been witness to somebody running a red light, or cutting somebody off, or narrowly missing a pedestrian? The list goes on and on.

Dave raises some controversial issues; like the privilege to drive for physically or mentally impaired persons. Since we're being controversial, I'd like to raise a few eyebrows myself! Should we require mandatory driver testing at prescribed intervals? I think so. I also think that it should apply to all drivers, not just seniors, or juniors, or handicapped, etc. Every five years or so, we should be obligated to do a written test, and pass a driving exam. If you fail, you go out and get a good pair of walking shoes.

Anyhow, I'm sure my thoughts will piss-off quite a few who believe it's their "God given right" to drive (or ride) like a complete idiot. Here's news Bubba: if it was your right, you wouldn't need a licence now would you?

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